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Brief Introduction About FanDuel

Fantasy computer games have always fascinated people. There are enthusiasts who play for fun and there are people who play for money. These interactive games have captured the imagination of many a sports enthusiast which prompted the launching of the FanDuel, an online site which has grown in popularity during the last five years. What started as a pastime activity has now culminated into a full time multibillion dollar industry within 5 years. FanDuel got its break at the 2009SXSW Interactive festival. Today they are the leading online game portal in which fan plays against fan in a test of sports knowledge and fantasy. The winnings are real money.

What are the sports one can play on FanDuel?

  1. You can play fantasy games in the FanDuel such as NFL CFB, MLB, NBA CBB and the NHL.
  2. There are more than twenty thousand leagues to choose from on an everyday basis.

How does FanDuel work?

  1. FanDuel is different from other games in the sense that it lasts for one day to a maximum of one week. You should be a registered player for the purpose.
  2. In the lobby you can choose any contest you would like to enter or you have an option to create one of your own to play against your friends.
  3. You now have to select the entry fee or choose to play a free practice contest. It depends upon your choice.
  4. To increase your chances of winning you can enter as many games as you like.
  5. On choosing your contest, you will have to pick up your ultimate fantasy team which will remain your own for the day or for the week depending upon your initial choice.
  6. You always fancy yourself to be better than your coach. This is the occasion to prove it to the world.
  7. You have to just stay within your salary cap and sit back and watch your team destroy all competition in its wake.
  8. Points are awarded as and when the game progresses with each sport having its own system.
  9. Once the game begins, it is performance which decides as to how many points your players pick. If your team accumulates more points than your rivals, you can take home your winnings. There is no need to wait for the season to end. 
  10. The beauty of this game is that you can play this game from virtually anywhere.

Rules of the Game:

  1. You have to be necessarily 18 years of age or more and should be a resident of USA or Canada. Residents of certain states cannot play FanDuel for real money.
  2. Multiple accounts are usually not allowed. Only on rare occasions can you have a second account and that too with the explicit written permission from FanDuel.
  3. Rules have to be followed failing which your account can be suspended.
  4. User names should not be of offensive nature. They may have to be changed if the same is detected as such.
  5. Contests require certain fixed number of contestants. If the same remains unfilled the game cannot be played and the entrance fee would be refunded.
  6. Cancelling of entries is also allowed.
  7. If the game gets postponed in case of one day games, you can get the points if the game is played on the next following day.
  8. Rules for suspended games depend upon game to game.
  9. Trading of players is also allowed.
  10. In case of double headers, only one game will count for FanDuel scoring.
  11. Certain restrictions are imposed regarding lineups.You must pick players from three different teams. In addition you are not allowed to pick more than four players from one team.
  12. You can withdraw your money at any point of time.
  13. You can use PayPal or credit card to deposit money into your FanDuel account.
  14. Settlements are done as soon as possible.
  15. The decision of FanDuel is final in all matters.

What you should know about FanDuel?

  1. Utmost secrecy is maintained by FanDuel as far your personal information is concerned.
  2. FanDuel may part with certain information for marketing and promotional purposes.
  3. FanDuel has the right to disclose entire information to investigation agencies in case they receive a direction from the appropriate authority.
  4. FanDuel offers to return your investment in case you do not like the game after your first game.

What you do not know about FanDuel?

  1. FanDuel runs an Affiliate Marketing program which you are free to join.
  2. You get to sell the best brands and use all the resources of FanDuel to earn some money of your own.
  3. FanDuel is the largest one day fantasy game site in the world today.
  4. You can win up to thousands of dollars in one game in FanDuel.

Featured Promos:

  1. Playboy College Football Championship:
  2. FanDuel Thursday on TNT
  3. $1 Million NFL Bracket
  4. Sunday Million
  5. $700K Sunday Night Showdown on CNBC.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are being conducted by FanDuel. You can join, promote and earn cash as easily as possible. You get the best commissions as you can sell the best brands.

Social media affiliations

  1. Face Book: You can share information over the Face Book platform where FanDuel has a dedicated fan page.
  2. Twitter: Share your comments on Twitter where your tweets get to be read by all fans worldwide.
  3. Instagram: You can share photographs etc on Instagram depending upon the country you are in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can FanDuel be downloaded onto the mobile phones?

FanDuel can be accessed from anywhere. It is available in mobiles and can be downloaded from the App Store.
  1. Do I have to pay taxed on FanDuel earnings?

Yes. You have to pay tax on any profits exceeding $600 as per applicable rules.

Contact Information

The company can be contacted at the following address:
FanDuel Inc.
19 Union Square West
9th Floor
New York
NY 10003

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